Covid 19 FAQs

What are the learning options for RJA students for the 2020-2021 school year?

RJA schools will open the school year with Virtual Learning.  The virtual option is a program allowing students to work entirely from their own home.  Students will participate in live virtual classes daily (Tuesday - Friday), as well as webinars and virtual office meetings with teachers. Mondays are for independent studying for students and the teachers will also use this day to reach out to those students in need of extra help with assignments.


Once we are able to have students back in school, we will offer both options, Traditional and Virtual Learning. The traditional option will require students to work from school 4 days per week (Tuesday - Friday) and from home one day per week (Monday). LEARN MORE HERE

Can I switch between learning options if my family situation changes?

Yes! If your family situation changes, please contact the office staff at your school.  They will help you make the change.

If I choose the traditional school option, can I choose a different day (something other than Monday) for my work from home day?

No. With the complexity of our schedule this year, Monday is the only day available for traditional program students working from home.

What safety measures are in place for students, staff, and visitors?

Anyone entering a REAL Journey Academies school goes through a screening process, including temperature check and questions about recent interactions and activities. Once inside, social distancing is reinforced at all times, both verbally (reminders from staff) and visually (floor stickers and signage).


We will also be sanitizing the classrooms and all other high traffic areas daily with our Electrostatic Misters. These devised spray a mist that attaches to all surfaces and disinfects on contact. Similar to the ones used for airplanes.


If you have any more questions, please call your school office.


Thank you