Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!

EHS provides a unique pedagogical approach that embodies the nature of being an entrepreneur and infuses it into our students’ daily lives.  Students develop a skill set based on our 12 entrepreneur skills that along with their individual talents, strengthens their confidence in all aspects of their lives. Students learn to build businesses, giving them a comprehensive understanding of moving an idea from concept to product.

Business Community Partnerships are a vital component in developing a student’s understanding of being a true entrepreneur. As a guest speaker, partners can provide a first-hand experience on how they built a successful business, providing the knowledge and motivation that’s crucial to our students’ experience.

As a mentor, partners can connect with students in small group settings creating a comfortable environment to share experiences.

As students advance into their junior and senior years, partners can offer internshipsand apprenticeships that provide students with hands-on, real-world experiences.

As a true entrepreneur high school, EHS will seek to open every door of opportunity, creating programs that enhance the learning experience. EHS is a spark that ignites the entrepreneur spirit and establishes a network of pathways throughout our business and academic communities. As our students prosper, so will their community.

As a non-profit, public charter school, program development will require additional resources and philanthropic support. We invite you to visit our campus, take a tour and become a partner to help expand the entrepreneur capacity in our community.

We are open to your ideas and we hope to support you as you support us. If you are interested in becoming a partner with EHS, please contact Michael Ross – Director of Strategic Partnerships at, (909) 327-2782 x5018

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